Side Hustle School Podcast

About six or so years ago I discovered a fantastic author called Chris Guillebeau. The book was called the ‘Art of Non-Conformity’ and it was one of those books that you couldn’t put down, and when you finished reading it, you wanted to start right back at the beginning. I won’t get into the book now, but a couple of years later, Chris put out another book that, again, I really loved. This one was called the $100 Startup.  This book told the stories of entrepreneurs from around the world that started their ventures for $100 or less.

At the time when I read this book, I was teaching in London, and as a lot of teachers do, was getting burnt out on it. This book was exactly what I needed and motivated me to find my $100 Startup.

Fast forward a few years and I’m living near Queenstown, New Zealand and have found my $100 Startup and am loving it. I’m still teaching and travel about 40 minutes each way work. In the last year or so I’ve discovered podcasts are a perfect way to kill time while driving. My iPhone is full of unlistened to episodes from various subscriptions that I have to choose from on my daily commute.  At the start of January, to my surprise and happiness, I caught the news that Chris was going to be starting a daily podcast called Side Hustle School. Side Hustle School is similar to the $100 Startup in a way, but also different because it tells the story of people’s extra income they bring in while keeping their regular job. Each story is unique and inspiring in itself.

When I first heard of the podcast, I checked the website and saw they were looking to hear from people who were successfully running their own side hustle. I wrote to Chris and well…the rest is history.

My side hustle, Gold Pan Pete Design, was featured on Side Hustle School this past weekend. After listening to it, I couldn’t believe that it was actually me that Chris was talking about. He really did an amazing job of telling my story. Probably better than I could. I hope you check it out and let me know what you think.

Fancy Featured Product

It’s been a busy few months, getting through summer and now going into autumn, things are still pretty crazy.

A bit of excitement as my collection of handcrafted Game of Thrones inspired rings are currently being featured on the site, Fancy. Fancy is a huge online retailer based in New York City and showcases some amazing things. It also lets you ‘fancy’ items that you like which keeps them organised for you to come back and find later and share with others. Similar to Pinterest. I’d be grateful if you had a look! Here is the link…Fancy Link!

If you like what you see and want to join Fancy (it’s free) to start fancying, then please use my sign up link, Gold Pan Pete’s Fancy Sign Up Link!

As per usual, it’s back to the Creative Queenstown Saturday Market this week. If you are in Queenstown, come down to Earnslaw Park and check it out. Open all day, every Saturday!

Game of Thrones House Seal Rings

December Updates

December has been a crazy month so far and it’s only half over! This month has brought in 3 new stockists for Gold Pan Pete Design, which are listed below. Along with getting stock in order, custom online orders have ramped up during the Christmas season and I’ve also been braving the cold, windy and rainy weather at the Creative Queenstown Arts and Crafts Market, in Queenstown, NZ.

Thanks again for your support and see you in 2016!!

New Stockists:

Encompass Clothing, The Tannery, Christchurch


Queenstown Arts Centre, Queenstown, NZ


Chop Shop, Wanaka, NZ

Please help support these businesses that support local artists.

New Stockists

I’m very proud to announce that Gold Pan Pete will now have some items stocked in the amazing little shop called, Henry Trading, in Lyttleton, New Zealand. Please have a look and if your are ever in Lyttleton, stop in and have a look!

If you are interested in stocking items, please email me at


Creative Queenstown Arts and Crafts Market – 5th Sept. 2015

After a week off from the market due to illness, I’ll be back again this Saturday, 5th September on the waterfront in Queenstown. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, making stock and adding some new items to be sold. Come on down and say hi and check out my handmade jewellery. While you’re there, check out all the other great vendors and shops in Queenstown.